Don't let hardware selection worry you! We know what works and have spent considerable time testing & selecting, if it's not up to it we won't offer it to you. What we will always do is offer great value for money.

All about hardware!

As for ‘suitable hardware’ we know after years of testing it, installing and supporting it, not all POS hardware is the same! We’ve seen that in the commercial world today it is impossible to pay a little and get a lot, we’ve also learnt that paying too much has drawbacks, especially when something goes wrong, it hurts more! Our aim? We have a fully equipped test and development centre, we call it ‘The Innovation Centre’ and there’s a good reason for that. We develop software, we know retail, so we need to know what technology is available, is it fit for purpose? How does our software perform on different hardware platforms? what technology exists in those platforms that we can exploit and add some great features to our POS products? We do all of that constantly and there’s one more important facet to this – we don’t aim to be the cheapest, we don’t aim to select the most expensive with the belief that therefore it must be the best; we strive to offer excellent value for money.