Seafood POS, Seafood Scales & Equipment


Ezi manager for POS and BOS

We can provide your point of sale, back office system, scales and all the equipment you need for all seafood retailing operations.

Our seafood POS software was designed with you, your staff and your customers in mind – create product specific screen layouts and decide what your staff can and cannot do, but don’t worry if you’re not an IT expert, we’ll do it for you.

Your POS is an important element in the ambiance your store has, your POS can help create the ‘flow’ that your customers experience, easily add or take a few more grams of seafood with automatic recalculation on the spot, keep the stainless steel Ezi-scales out the back for easy cleaning whilst showcasing the dual screen Ezi-scales at the front so customers are kept in the know. Remember, if the last experience your customers had is a frustrated POS operator, working with a poor quality system that is slow to respond then you might have a problem.

Ezi-scale I Stainless SteelButcher Scale for front of store

Is your seafood POS difficult to use, does it offer all the necessary features and functions a good POS offers such as customer accounts, loyalty schemes, integrated EFTPOS and continuous POS operation even in the event of a network failure? If not – then there is a good chance the last experience your customer had when shopping in your store was a frustrating one.

Ezi-POS and Ezi-manager CLOUD have been carefully put together to make sure there’s no ‘poor checkout experience’ we’ve been designing and supporting retail solutions since 1992. Our seafood POS and back office management software is regarded as the best available within the seafood retailing sector.

We have loads of experience and ‘know how’ to draw upon. Of course we can supply your seafood Point of Sale and Back Office management system, but did you know we can supply your platform, bench & checkweighing scalesEzi-ticket take a ticket customer queue system, food equipment, slicers, seafood processing equipment, mixers, mincers, seafood forming equipment, band saws, tenderisers, kitchen equipment, food packaging, ovens, consumables such as bespoke labelling and receipts rolls, all backed by the best support and service in the industry.


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