POS Systems

Ezi-POS: versatile – configurable – just what you always wanted!

Our POS software was designed with you, your staff and your customers in mind – create screen layouts and appearance and decide what your staff can and cannot do, but don’t worry if you’re not an IT expert, we’ll do it for you.

Your POS is an important element in the ambiance your store has, your POS staff help create the ‘feel’ that your customers experience and if the last experience your customers have is a frustrated POS operator, working with a poor quality system that is slow to respond then you might have a problem.

Is your POS difficult to use, does it offer all the necessary features and functions a good POS offers such as customer accounts, loyalty schemes, integrated EFTPOS and continuous POS operation even in the event of a network failure? If not – then there is a good chance the last experience your customer had when shopping in your store was a frustrating one.

ezi-pos and ezi-manager CLOUD have been carefully put together to make sure there’s no ‘poor checkout experience’ we’ve been designing and supporting retail solutions for a long time. Our supermarket POS and retail management software is regarded as the best available within the independent grocery sector, with some of Australia’s great independent chains such as Drakes Supermarkets, Supabarn, Spudshed and Chapley Retail Group dedicated users of our POS software.

We have loads of experience and ‘know how’ to draw upon when designing software solutions; owning and operating our own supermarket helped as well!