Great customer support means being available when it matters - we're there everyday, weekends, holidays & Xmas day! Here's a surprise - one standard fee covers the lot!

Great Software needs some friends!

One of the most important things we have learned while coming up with great software ideas is that on their own they can still fail to impress! They need some close buddies so we’ve created those too, one is called ‘great customer support’ and the other is ‘suitable hardware’. ¬†Great customer support sounds familiar to us all, everyone will say they provide it, but do they? What we offer is simple not magic, nor ‘smoke and mirrors’! we give to our customers: Central Help Desk facility providing optimum response times, we aim to take 80% of Monday – Friday business day calls received – immediately. Of course we don’t always achieve that target but there’s nothing wrong with setting the bar high and striving to succeed every day! We always have a support facility available after normal business hours, weekends included, public holiday included and guess what? our standard support fee’s include this cover, there’s no extra or hidden charges when you call with a problem on Christmas day!

Another thing we’ve learned over the years is that it’s very useful having some retail experience in our training and support team, so we acquired our own grocery store in 2007, IGA Trott Park, all our staff have to spend time working in our store, working with the POS is an obvious activity they perform and they work throughout the store. Some of our Customer Support team have joined us as full time support team members from our store; coming from a retail background means a great deal when it comes to understanding our customers needs and priorities.